Asteks Expands Market with New Investments in 2019

As one of the most important technology partners of yarn manufacturers with apron, cots and cots grinding machines, Asteks increased their sales figures despite the challenging conditions of 2019. In addition to this growth, Asteks continued their R&D activities and introduced new products to the market.

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Emre Yoleri
Emre Yoleri
After completing his high school education in College St.Vincent in Belgium, Emre Yoleri returned to Turkey and has begun his university education at Gazi University, Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. He left this department and completed Eskişehir Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration. He is currently pursuing an MBA at Bahçeşehir University. Emre began his career in 2005 working in customer relationship, strategy planning and reporting departments in public and private sector companies and managed several projects. Yoleri has been working in international relations, project development, organization and writing at NEFA PR agency since 2015.

Asteks Expands Market with New Investments in 2019
Asteks Expands Market with New Investments in 2019

Asteks expands market with new investments in 2019. A specialist in grinding solutions, Asteks closely followed their growth plan despite the very challenging conditions of 2019. Asteks continued their R&D investments and wok in this period, and in addition to offering new products to the market, also expanded their expert staff. In 2019, Asteks managed their increase its sales figures in both domestic and international markets and has a strong market vision for 2020.

Uncertainty and financial tension in the global economy were felt in all markets. The Brexit process between the UK and the European Union as well as the trade war between the US and China deeply affected global markets in 2019. Turkey has effectively dealt with these two issues as well as regional political and socio-economic problems. All this made 2019 a difficult year. Offering grinding products to the textile industry, Asteks has achieved successful results despite this challenging environment.

Asteks expands market with new investments in 2019: apron and cots sales continued to increase

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur disclosed that they saw a significant shrinkage and slowdown in the market throughout 2019. “We witnessed that the investors were shifting their needs due to this shrinkage” İlknur said; “We have observed that orders are realized only when these needs become unavoidable. Investors were cautious about investing without seeing any signs of recovery in the market. Despite all the difficulties, we managed to increase our sales volume. We have prioritized increasing our sales in order to offer competitive products to our customers and expand our area of influence”.

Ilknur emphasized that especially in 2019, a remarkable increase in apron and cots sales was achieved. İlknur stated that the NT-86/S apron saw the most acceptance from the market; “This apron is used on 70% of all the spindles in Turkey. The CTA Carbon reinforced apron, which we offer especially as the lower apron, was another product of interest. We also received high demand for Optima and GESA type aprons”.

Growth strategy in export market continues

Asteks Export Markets Sales Manager Taner Engin announced that they continued their growth strategy in overseas markets in 2019; the strategy was launched in 2017. Expressing that they have achieved significant growth figures in Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh markets, Engin continued as follows;

“Each export market presents different demands due to its structure. We see that a saturation point has been reached in Uzbekistan, which has made intensive textile investments in recent years. For this reason, we achieved significant increases in apron and cots sales rather than machinery sales in this market compared to the previous year. On the other hand, machinery investments in Pakistan market continue at full speed. We were pleased with our sales of grinding machines in this market. In the Bangladesh market, our apron and cots sales progressed along with the sales of our grinding machines. In short, our sales in overseas markets have achieved a balanced outlook in the context of our entire product range”.

Taner Engin informed that in 2020, investments were made in the marketing department in order to expand to different markets and to work more efficiently in the existing markets.

Asteks expands market with new investments in 2019. Sabri İlknur; “R&D is an important part of the job”

In 2019, ASTEKS did not only increase their sales figures despite the challenging market conditions. The company focused on investments and studies that will strengthen its corporate structure for the year 2020 and beyond. Within the scope of this work, additional textile engineers were employed in the company.

The new 65 shore HG-650 cots, which was developed through intensive R&D and obtained successful field results, was also introduced to the market in the second half of the year. The HG-650 cots provides effective results when spinning the cotton with high contamination. By the feature of getting contaminated late compared to existing products on the market, HG-650 increases the working efficiency against the contamination problem encountered in local cottons. The HG-650 is particularly successful in the 2nd passage of the draw frame and in the breakout cots and outlet cots on the combing machine.

Sabri İlknur; “This product can be seen as the fruit of our successful R&D activities. Contamination and stickiness seen in various local fibres creates the problem of lapping onto the cots. For this reason, the machines must be stopped and the cots frequently cleaned. Our performance-focused HG-650 cots has a 50% longer clean-up time (slower contamination) than its competitors. This means less downtime on the machines, less cleaning requirements, more efficiency and more profit. We launched it after the ITMA 2019 and received positive feedback very quickly. We receive high demand for the HG-650 in both domestic and export markets. We anticipate that this will continue increasingly”.

‘It knows what it does’

The other star product of the year for Asteks was the 201-SF cots grinding machine, which was launched with the slogan ‘It knows what it does’. Achieving big sales and order figures during the year, this machine provides ease of use with its intelligent system hardware. 201-SF is amongst the most demanded products in export markets, especially in Pakistan, and it reduces labour costs with automation and guarantees standard operation.

Another automation solution of ASTEKS, the 101-AGV automatic guided vehicle continued to be present in the market. Unmanned transport device, which attracts the attention of the companies compatible with the Industry 4.0 concept, allows a new level in in-house transport with its 4 tons load carrying capacity.

Positive expectations for 2020

Sabri İlknur said that he has more positive expectations for 2020 based on economic data. “Needs do not disappear, they are only postponed,” said İlknur and expressed that 2020 will be the period when postponed investments will be realized. İlknur; “We believe that our main product range of apron, cots and grinding machines will see higher sales figures, both in domestic and export markets. We have new products within the scope of R&D. This wide range of products and innovations will be launched especially at the ITM 2020. In addition, we will respond to the unique demands of each region through the fairs we will attend abroad. 2020 will be the year in which we will benefit the most from growth”.

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